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You have questions - We have answers

1. Can Portola Valley Partners get funding for my company?

1A. Funding is what most companies need. Statistically, less than 10% of companies seeking angel or venture funding receive it and we know why... It's because they haven't focused on the BUILD and GROW phases. With solid work done in these two phases, funding is much more likely. This is where we start. After moving through these phases, funding in general is much more likely as Product will have come together, there will be a defensible, vetted roadmap in place, financials will be done properly, the pitch deck will tell the story correctly, and revenue will have started or there will be a logical path to revenue.

2. Does Portola Valley Partners provide funding?

2A. Currently, Portola Valley Partners does not have a Venture Fund. We are working through the logistics and requirements of forming a fund. However, individual members of our team can invest in companies. We have done this in the past but only after we move through the BUILD and GROW phases.


3. Can Portola Valley Partners help my company get funding?


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